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Hello and thanks for visiting, my name is B.J. Rathur.  When I graduated college with a BFA in Computer Animation I had no intention of being a painter.  I had hoped to get a job locally in animation but that didn’t pan out.  Instead I took a job in touch screen design in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Our work was cyclical and during the free time I would doodle with a pen on my notepads.  After about 2 years of this, my colleagues encouraged me to do more.  My boss gave me a set of Rapidograph drafting pens and I was in heaven.  I loved the .25 pen and went to work immediately creating small but intricate drawings with as much hidden imagery as I could stuff in them.  Eventually I took up acrylic painting gradually improved at that too.  I enjoy the freedom of creating whatever comes to mind, although, there is often a connection between my work and science.  In some works I attempt to mimic the fractal nature of things.  When you look at them from a distance you get one image and as you get closer you see a whole different world.  But honestly most of my works are whimsical experiments that focus on my favorite subjects: animals, science, space, nature and the origins of creativity.



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